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Sunday, 7 February 2010

My Instructor isn't available....

.....can I take the test in my own car? Mary, Kent

Yes, you can use your vehicle as long as it is:

Acceptable for the test (See the DSA List)

Insured for the driving test - You are not driving as an accompanied provisional licence holder, you are being observed. Therefore you must be insured to do so. Check with your Insurance company, it may be worth having proof of this with you on the day of the test.

A second mirror is available for the examiner (preferably a decent one, not the visor as this will limit the examiners view - you want to keep them on side!) See here for other specifics

The car is road worthy, they will check it over. Double check your tyre tread and pressure. Make sure it is clean, they can refuse it if not. No space saver tyres.

Equipped with L-plates, seatbelts, etc.

For the test day: Reverse into the test centre parking space. Don't get there more than a few minutes before your test time - Tests are close together and your might upset your examiner! Have all your documents with you, see your confirmation letter or see here.

Make an effort, and good luck!

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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Intensive Learning?

Q. I'm thinking of learning to drive, what do you think of doing an intensive course? I'm thinking of doing a semi-intensive course that will take 2-4 weeks instead of only 1. Thanks.

A. Think long and hard before doing an Intensive, or even Semi Intensive course. They are not right for everyone, and even those who they suit will not pick up the same level of practical experience as someone learning on a weekly basis.
It really depends on the Instructor, on you and on how long the session are. I would recommend a single lesson before you commit in case you don't get on with their teaching style.
If I were you, and I tell this to anyone asking for an intensive, I would do 2 hours a day as often as possible. Any more than 2 hours goes in 1 ear and out the other! And PLENTY of Private Practice.
Remember you also need to do your Theory test.

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Going From Automatic to Manual

Q. How long may it take to learn to drive a manual car after driving automatics for three years? I passed my automatic car test three years ago, and now need to learn to drive a manual.
How long might it take to get to test standard for a manual, after driving autos for this amount of time? Would it be best to have an instructor or learn in a friend's vehicle?
Thanks in advance :)

A. Definitely get a professional instructor. While you may have all the experience you need to pass, you need someone to guide you through using the gears in a test situation. Also to beat out all the bad habits you have developed! (Always ask to see your ADI's badge as proof of their qualification)

How long? Depends on your Instructor, How good you are as a driver, and How quickly you learn!
Maybe 1 hour, Maybe 6 hours! Main thing to consider is, you don't want to take the test before you are ready. So take the time to get to test standard then pass the test! Also, even though you have an Automatic licence you will need to take and pass the theory test.
Advice for this can be found here.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Driving Advice

This is a place for any questions you may have regarding driving, road safety or motoring? Whatever the question is our fully qualified ADI will give you his opinion, laws of the road and any other little gems of information he can offer.

If you don't agree, then please add your own view and any additional questions or comments, we welcome the heckles :)

So, anything you are not sure about? Are your kids learning and you are "certain" it is wrong? Do you want to accompany a learner? Passed your test - but need an information top up? Theory test problems?
Whatever it is, we are here to help! Challenge the professional & have your say!

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