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Learning to drive in Tonbridge and Taking your driving test

Tonbridge does not have it's own Driving Test Centre but is an excellent place to learn to drive. It usually uses Sevenoaks or Tunbridge Wells.

Find out about them here:

Theory Test - £31- Book Here / Change Here
Practical Test - £62- Book Here / Change Here

What to expect if you Learn to Drive in Tonbridge:

  • Roads - Town, Country, Dual Carriageway (A21), Roundabouts, Pedestrian Crossings, Traffic Lights
  • Manoeuvres - Plenty of areas Turning in the Road, Reverse Corner, Parallel Park, Bay Park, Controlled Stop
  • Tonbridge has everything an ADI or pupil could ask for!
  • Top Tonbridge Practice "Highlights":

  • The High Street - Which hopefully won't become Pedestrianised as planned!
  • Roundabouts - Assorted styles and sizes
  • Country Roads - Fancy a break from Town? - Easy access to country roads where you can learn how to safely enjoy these rural roads
  • Be Prepared for the Driving Test

    Cars must be equipped with a second mirror for the Examiner, Head restraints must be fitted, Seatbelts working and L-plates must be on display.

    You should have your complete Provisional Licence -Both parts, Paper and Plastic - Theory Test certificate and Confirmation Letter or Email.

    When you arrive at the test centre: See the relevant Test Centre for details - Sevenoaks or Tunbridge Wells

    The test will start with an eyesight check. Your Driving Examiner will ask you to read the number plate on a stationary vehicle. The distance requirement for the eyesight test using old style number plates is 20.5 metres or 20 metres if the new-style number plate is used. (If you can't speak English or have difficulty reading, you may copy down what you see)

    You then have to answer TWO of the Show Me/Tell Me Questions. The Questions and Answers are available here. Make the effort, It is your first chance to make a good impression. CB's Top Tip: Make sure you know how to open the bonnet!!!

    Have you checked out the changes (October 2010 onwards) to the Driving Test? Read CB's report

    What about my Insurance? Am I covered?

    Insurance for a test is a little different to that required to learn or practice. Make sure you have called your Insurance company to check that you are Insured for the test. On the day of the test you are essentially driving unaccompanied. The examiner is an observer and is not there to react for you except at the last minute to prevent incident. Driving School cars will generally be covered as standard. But if you plan to take it in your own car it may be worth requesting written confirmation from your Insurance company to prevent being turned away at the test centre. (Additional: Ensure your car is clean, road legal, and not on the list of cars unsuitable for the test check both here AND here)

    CB's Driving School are able to offer you a deal through Collingwood Insurance. They offer 7, 28 or 82 day policies, and through CB's you can get up to £30 off these already low prices! The benefit of Insuring in this way is that once you pass you are not already committed to an Insurance Company and can find the best deal for you as a FULL licence holder after your test! Click the link below and quote "368082" for CB's discount.

    Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

    A Bit About Tonbridge Town

    Coffee Shops & Eateries

    Coffee - Cafe Nero, Costa,

    Food - McDonalds, Montien Thai, Oriental Buffet, Subway,

    Local Transportation

    Train Station (Station details)- Located at the top of the High Street.

    Taxis - There are plenty of local Taxi companies. A taxi rank is located at the Train Station. (To feature your taxi company here contact us)

    Buses - Main Bus Station is located at the train station or halfway down the High Street towards the Castle

    If you are a local business, or have any suggestions then please contact us so we can add them to this page. All reciprocal links will be greatly appreciated.

    CB's Driving School - Supporting Local Business

    To have your business here please get in touch

    Driving Lessons With

    CB's Driving School:

    CB's Driving School are experts in the field of driving instruction. With particular expertise at the Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells test centres you will be fully trained, not only to pass the test but in safe driving for life by a professional driving instructor.

    Local knowledge can often be the key to passing the test. Learn from other peoples mistakes and make sure you succeed.

    Driving Test Candidates Trained by CB's Driving School Are Much More Likely To Pass Than Those Privately Trained by Friends or Family

    Learners which have been trained by a qualified Driving Instructor (ADI) have a huge advantage over those not receiving professional training. Making use of a Driving Instructor's experience and training gives you the best chance at passing first time.

    Do you know where to practice?

    As local Driving Instructors we know where the most likely locations are for:
    Parallel Parks
    Reverse Corners
    Turning in the Road

    Do you know:
    When to check your mirrors?
    When it is safe to emerge?
    Where you are most likely to fail?

    We do! Our combination of experience and understanding of human nature go together to give you the best chance to pass your driving test.

    Using both conventional and customised techniques we will give you the confidence to succeed, the guidelines to make the decisions, and inside test knowledge to pass your test.

    Worried about the cost? We will work with you to create a combination of Private Practice and Professional Tuition designed to keep your costs down. We will also provide FREE support and guidance to your accompanying driver to get you the best from your private practice.

    The key is to get a balance - Professional Instruction from CB's gives you a speedy route to pass your test and a safe future on the road.
    Private Practice between driving lessons gives you time to absorb techniques, develop good habits and get experience of different road conditions and situations.

    Need Learner Driver Insurance? CB's great Short-Term Low-Cost Insurance available from Collingwoodlearners.co.uk

    Never Driven Before? That's our specialty. We will teach you more than most driving schools, giving you a better understanding of the car, clutch control and the ability to control your own safety. We take the nervous anticipation of a new driver and mould it into the confident, safe approaches of a driver able to cope with modern roads and driving. Get in touch now to explore the best path for you? Contact CB's Driving School

    Want to know the best thing about CB's? Checkout our References or Give our 5 hour Taster Session a try - We guarantee you will learn enough in the 5 hours to increase your chances of passing the test.

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