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CB's Driving School is a DIAmond Accredited Taxi Trainer (DATT). This training is formulated by the DIA and designed to give you all the information that you need to take and pass the Taxi test.

As an experienced driver you already have the skills and abilities required to pass. However, every experienced driver has bad habits which would count against them on the test. With only 9 driver faults ("Minor faults") allowed you cannot afford to let these affect your chances of success. Our main aims - To work with you. To give you justification rather than instruction. To point out possibilities which may not have occurred to you. To ensure you have the information required to operate as a Taxi Driver. And to get you through the test!

How long has it been since you took a driving test? - We will ensure that your driving meets modern day requirements and recognised methods. We will make sure you are prepared for the day of the test, which can be taken in our car if you wish (If so, please ensure you contact us before booking to check that we are available at the necessary time. Test day charges can be detailed on request). When did you last read the Highway code? (53% of company car drivers haven't looked at it since their driving test!) Every driver should have one -  and for the test it is a necessity! & is now available online here or on the iStore as an app.

When you are learning with CB's you will know that your instructor is kept fully up to date and informed about all you need to know to complete your taxi test . We know that you need efficient, concise training to identify your individual needs. In addition to your training we offer on-going advice and guidance should you require it. This verbal and written support part of our continuous support package and comes at no extra charge. We are working towards a network of local Hackney Carriage and Private Hire drivers with whom to share information, industry updates, and business opportunities.

How to start

Application process:

If you haven't already done so the first step is to contact your local Licensing authority. They will provide you with information regarding their requirements for getting a licence.

While all authorities requirements vary there are 4 main requirements.

  • Medical Check inc. Eyesight
  • CRB Check - Enhanced
  • Current driving licence
  • Fee for Issue of Licence

Additional: As part of their legal responsibility issuing authorities will normally require applicants to take either a DSA or DIA Taxi Test. The failure rate for Taxi Tests is VERY high when taken without Accredited tuition. Bad habits, Changes in procedure and Poor observational skills result in many unsuccessful attempts. Even those who take some form of advice (even from a local ADI - Driving Instructor) fail because they do not understand the "TAXI" requirements. So all Instruction should be taken from a DATT (or similar) Accredited trainer. - If we are not in your area call us for advice or contact the DIA DATT division for contact details.

Other requirements may include Theory tests, Local knowledge tests and references

Book a Driving Assessment - Contact us now, we will assess you, give you advice and skills to go and practice to start your journey towards the test.

Please note: Some local authorities offer contact details for local "Taxi Trainers". These are often local ADI's and not Taxi Trained. Please check before investing your money!

Downloads which may be helpful to your application:

Cabology Questions (Here)
DSA Taxi Test Information and Guidance (Here)

Any questions in the mean time? Get in touch with our Q and A page!


You can be confident that if you are learning with CB's your instructor is qualified to the highest level. We know that you deserve the quality that our instructors provide.

Chris Bensted

Chris is a fully qualified DVSA ADI. Having started out with BSM, he now works independently to provide you with the best training on offer. He is DATT Registered and his knowledge of the taxi process and practical tests will give you the ability to succeed.

ADVICE to get you started

Start THINKING about your driving. As an experienced driver you often rely more on habit and instinct than conscious decision making. 99% of the time this provides the driver with an uneventful journey. However, does it provide you and your passengers with a safe, smooth and comfortable journey? Are you giving consideration to other road users? Or do you find yourself regularly having to take action because of other drivers? Do you have TOTAL awareness of the road around you?

These are key factors to consider when preparing for the Taxi Test. Together with CB's you will be able to analyse your driving strengths and weaknesses to get your through the test, provide an excellent service to your future customers and to keep yourself safe while enjoying a career as a professional driver.

WINTER DRIVING - as a taxi or Private hire you are at increased risk of winter conditions - Check out our Winter Driver Advice here 

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