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You know you need Insurance, but do you know what you are looking for?

This page is designed to give you a few pointers and links to get you started.

You have to have motor insurance before you can drive your vehicle in a public place. Motor insurance protects you, your vehicle and other motorists against liability in the event of any accident. It provides financial compensation to cover any injuries caused to people or their property. (GOV.UK)

The legal MINIMUM insurance requirement is THIRD PARTY. This covers injury to other people, your passengers or damage to other peoples' property. It does not cover any of your costs or losses.

THIRD PARTY FIRE AND THEFT. This covers the same as above but includes insurance for damage due to fire or your car being stolen.

COMPREHENSIVE (A.K.A. FULLY COMP). This is the same as above but also covers you should your vehicle be damaged.

IMPORTANT: Insurance cover varies depending on the policy on offer. Not all polices offering the same level of cover (Listed above) are identical. Read the small print, compare the benefits. CB's Tip: Get the best level of Insurance you can afford. Hopefully you will never need it, but if you do you will be glad of the investment (Think of it like a smoke alarm!)

Differences to look out for:
Legal Cover - CB's recommend this is a MUST! Accidents without it can cost you £1000's before you get a penny back, and you would have to find this money from somewhere!
Courtesy Car - While your vehicle is being repaired (Some only offer this after liability (blame) is established).
Roadside Recovery Services - In case of mechanical failure, flat tyres or other breakdown.
Repairs - Vehicle repairs in case of breakdown.

Provisional Licence Insurance - Learner Drivers - Advice / Get a Quote

Full Licence Holders - Newly Qualified Drivers - Advice / Get a Quote

Provisional Licence Holders:

Your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) will have Insurance that will cover you for both lessons and the test. For help choosing a driving instructor check out our advice. If you are taking the test in your own vehicle you will need to make sure you are specifically covered for the test as technically you are not driving accompanied.

If you doing Private Practice, or Learning in you own vehicle you will need to be Insured, in the same way a Fully Qualified driver does. There are a few options.

  • Become a named driver on an existing policy (maybe your parent or guardian) - They will need to call and ask how much this will cost. Some companies will not be willing to add you due to age or experience.

  • Get Short-term Learner Cover - This will insure YOU to drive a vehicle while you learn. Any claim will not effect the car owners insurance or No-claims. These normally cover periods of a week, month or 3 months. They also mean that once Qualified you can pick the best Insurance cover for you.

  • A full policy in your name. The same as a Qualified Driver would have. This can be obtained via the usual routes including Comparison Sites. (Normally this is used when it is your own vehicle)

Getting Insurance

There are many Insurance companies in the UK. Some offer Insurance directly, other go via brokers. Prices are based on a number of factors including age, experience, location and type of vehicle. The Insurance company will ask a number of questions to establish the Quote. This will often include:

  • the vehicle details

  • what the vehicle will be used for

  • where the vehicle will be kept

  • the ages and occupations of the people who will be driving the vehicle

  • any penalty points on your licence or convictions for driving offences

  • any no-claims bonus and how long you have been driving for

  • any recent insurance claims

A great way to avoid answering these same questions for each of the companies is to use a comparison site. They will provide quotes via a number of Insurers giving you an idea of who to look at. CB's have teamed up with QuoteZone to provide you with excellent insurance quotes, many aimed at Provisional and Newly Qualified Drivers. See Right Column.

NLD Insurance are the best option for short term provisional insurance. They protect the owners no claims, cover you for paid tuition AND cover you to pass your test! They have it covered!


Insurance Dictionary

Policy - This describes in full the terms and conditions of the insurance cover. Read it carefully and check for errors in details, especially if applied for online.

Schedule - Details the specifics of your policy - excesses, no-claim discount and anything else of relevance including restrictions.

Certificate - Contains the details of the vehicle insured, the drivers named to use the vehicle, the use of the vehicle which is insured and the dates for which the policy is valid. This is the bit the Police can request - Keep it safe!

Excess - The amount that you will pay if there is a claim. Generally this is between £100 and £400. You can lower the overall insurance premium by being willing to pay more excess.

No-Claims/No-Claims Bonus - This is a reduction in your premium in return for you not making a claim. This can be transferred between Insurers, but they will ask for proof from your previous Insurer. You may lose all or part of your discount if you make a claim. Many insurers will allow you to protect your no-claim discount for an additional fee.

Cover Note - A certificate and temporary policy while the full documents are produced.

On Road Advice With

CB's Driving School:

You can reduce your Insurance

costs with Pass Plus.

Up to 25% Discount!

Not only does Pass Plus reduce the cost of Insurance it also reduce the chance of you having an accident!

Would you have passed your test if you hadn't been trained in road safety and car control? No. So why would you risk Motorways without a little advice?

Speak to your Instructor about what will be best for you - Pass Plus or Motorway Tuition

What Pass Plus covers?

There are 6 sections included in Pass Plus:
Dual Carriageways
Town Driving
Country Roads
Bad Weather
Night Driving

Looking for Quotes?

Specialist quotes aimed at

Learners and Newly Qualified

Drivers - Insurance doesn't

have to cost the Earth!

Learner, Provisional or Newly Qualified Driver Insurance Comparison

Car Insurance Quotes

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ADI, PDI or Driving School looking for Insurance Cover? Then check out this specialist Comparison Site

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